Common foods and household products in the home are safe for human residents, but many are toxic to pets.  If ingested by our four legged friends, these everyday products can cause them to become very ill, or worse, die.     Pets are Continue Reading
Dental health is an important factor in the overall health of your pet. Dental problems can be caused by or lead to a host of other health problems. Routine care and an understanding of your pet’s mouth can help ward off potential issues.   Continue Reading
Winter months call for giving your pets a little extra love and attention to ensure their health isn’t compromised from the harsh conditions that come along with the season.  Our 4-footed family members are sensitive to the cold and at risk to Continue Reading
We all know obesity is an epidemic among humans, but most don’t realize it is just as prevalent among cats. According to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), 55% of U.S. cats are overweight or obese! This is a common problem among Continue Reading
Bringing a kitten into your home is sure to be the start of an exciting adventure – for you and your new feline friend. Preparing your home for the snuggles, love and laughter your curious kitty will help make the transition easier for Continue Reading
We all know that exercise is an important part of our overall health plan. Did you also know that it is just as important for your dog? It’s TRUE! Puppies, adult and even senior dogs need a regular daily workout to maintain their overall health. Continue Reading