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Our surgical services range from routine to advanced procedures. Our experienced team of veterinarians will provide you and your pet the highest quality of care. We take precautionary measures that include pre-anesthesia bloodwork and the use of respiratory and heart monitors during surgery to ensure the best possible outcome.


Our compassionate team members will support you and your pet through the entire procedure including drop off, anesthesia preparation, discharge and after care.


Spaying & Neutering

These procedures will prevent your animal from reproducing and can help your dog or cat to live a longer, healthier life. Your ‘s personality will not be affected by these procedures. Spaying and neutering provides protection against potentially deadly diseases, infections and several types of cancers.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgeries are ones that are not associated with the bone. We perform many types of soft tissue surgeries the most common being the removal of masses and lumps. Soft tissue surgery is also performed on animals with chronic ear infections and those with problems related to their eyes.

We also offer:

  • Growth Removal

  • Exploratory Surgery

  • ACL Repair

  • Cystotomy

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